Template A and how it can help you

Rather than building each report from scratch you can now utilise Earwig’s Template A on which to base all reports, then edit it as you need to. It took us a while to build such a complex and all singing all dancing template, but using it will take you just minutes to create a personalised comprehensive report.

For details, go to the reports page, and click on the ‘How do I…’ button (top-right) for two new briefing notes: One for all staff that explains how to use reports, based on Template A, and another for Admins that explains how to set up and configure reports, once again based on Template A.

However, for a quick taster, how about these neat things:

  • Text formatting for all commentary boxes (add bold, font colours, bullets, etc)
  • Save this template in up to five different configurations (eg termly and annual report formats)
  • A cover page can be added to give reports a snazzy introduction
  • Complete control over what is displayed in the Progress Table
  • Engagement data included to pull engagement and framework data into one report
  • Able to hide and configure pretty much all elements of the report to tune for your needs
  • and more - take a peek at the briefing notes, and just have a go.

And now Template A is up and running, we’re currently working on a completely new style of evidence reporting and will also be turning our attention  to a new-style EHCP template. This will be a tougher task, as they were already more complex than other templates, and more new features are needed!  But that is the next step for us in reporting-land.