Earwig and Rebound Therapy announce partnership

June 5, 2024

Earwig Academic is delighted to announce a collaborative partnership with Rebound Therapy who provide fully inclusive access to therapeutic and enjoyable activities using a trampoline.

Rebound provides activities from basic balance, movement co-ordination, education and communication exercises through to more advanced skills. Coaches and clubs throughout the country provide fun recreational classes for groups of children or adults of any age and ability, promoting health, fitness and well-being as well as sporting achievement.

Earwig’s unique software enables educators to record, track, benchmark and report on their pupil’s progress and have configured two versions of the app specifically for use with the trampoline:

1)  The Rebound Therapy programme using the Huddersfield Functional Index

Enabling those working with individuals with profound and complex needs to very accurately provide evidence of outcomes.

(The development programme and HFI are covered in detail on the Rebound Therapy training course, so transitioning to recording progress electronically using the app will be easy.)

2)  The full Winstrada Trampoline development programme

Starting at Grades 1 - 3 (the Rebound Therapy programme) and then from Grade 4 onwards, the scheme seamlessly evolves into trampolining, making the app suitable for measuring progress for all levels and all abilities, going right through to Advanced Grade A3 for Trampoline coaches.

Great for Rebound Therapy practitioners, Rebound Plus practitioners, and Trampoline qualified PE teachers.

This collaboration means that Rebound Therapy Practitioners can access all of the Earwig facilities including:

  • vivid progress timelines for each pupil
  • tracking and performance measurement
  • automatic production of pupil and group reports
  • enhanced parental engagement
  • highlighting achievement and verifying the grades that they currently record using pencil and paper

Paul Kaye, CEO of ReboundTherapy.org said …

“This is a hugely exciting development. All Rebound Therapy practitioners use the first three grades of the Winstrada trampoline development programme to record progress, because it is based on the Rebound Therapy training course. Those working with students with profound or complex needs also use the Huddersfield Functional Index (HFI) in conjunction with the Winstrada grades 1 to 3. The ability to accurately measure and record progress and provide evidence of outcomes via an app on a tablet, laptop or even a phone is a huge step forward in efficiency.

Teachers who have more able students and mainstream trampoline coaches, will be able to use the app to record progress beyond Rebound Therapy and right up to the advanced grades of trampolining. The Winstrada trampoline development programme is used by schools, trampoline clubs and leisure centres, not only in the UK but also in the USA, Canada and Australia for additional needs and mainstream students, so this app has the  potential to make progress recording easier and more efficient for countless teachers and coaches worldwide.”

Peter Gelardi, CEO of Earwig Academic says …

“We are delighted to have been selected by the Rebound Therapy organisation to provide the software to enable thousands of Rebound practitioners around the world to record the progress of their pupils against the Rebound Therapy and HFI curricula and illustrate this with photos and video, to provide a permanent record for them and their parents as well as teaching evidence in schools.”