Earwig for Trampoline and Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy practitioners provide fully inclusive access to therapeutic and enjoyable activities using a trampoline, from basic balance, movement co-ordination, education and communication exercises to more advanced skills. Trampoline Coaches and clubs provide fun recreational classes for groups of children (or adults) of any age and ability, promoting health, fitness and wellbeing as well as sporting achievement.
All Coaches and Practitioners need to meticulously keep records of outcomes and progress achieved.  This is traditionally accomplished using folders of printed sheets.  What if there were an efficient, easy and secure upgrade to this system?  Good news - there is!

Earwig Academic have configured two versions of their schools' software specifically for use with the trampoline:

  1. The Rebound Therapy programme, using the Huddersfield Functional Index for those with profound and complex needs
  1. The full Winstrada Trampoline development programme, from Grades 1 - 3 (the Rebound Therapy programme) going right through to Advanced Grade A3 for Trampoline coaches

Plus a wide range of other learning frameworks available in the Earwig Framework Library

The Earwig Bronze account enables Trampoline Coaches and Rebound Therapy practitioners to harness all the usual Earwig facilities, including …

  • vivid progress timelines for each pupil
  • tracking and performance measurement
  • automatic production of pupil and group reports
  • enhanced parental engagement
  • to highlight achievement and verify the grades that they currently record using pencil and paper

The Earwig App uses the latest technology to make this easier and user friendly, with a few simple clicks.

If you are a Trampoline Coach or Rebound Therapy Practitioner interested in using the Earwig app to manage your assessments, student progress notes and records, you will find the Earwig system quick and easy to set up and use.
There is video instruction at every stage, and always friendly and helpful customer service.

And because Earwig works in partnership with ReboundTherapy.org, we give every Rebound Therapy Practitioner or Trampoline Coach who sets up an Earwig Bronze account in 2024 a 25% discount off the usual price, every year for the next five years.
Just click on the button below for more information and to get started.  
Remember – it’s the Earwig 'Bronze' account that you will need.  
Simply use the code Rebounders on the Earwig website when setting up your new account to claim your discount.

If you have a question at any point in the process, call the Earwig team on: 0333 6666 166 for advice.

Rebound Therapy provides opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across virtually the whole spectrum of additional needs.  Rebound Therapy is also the first step Gymclusion on the pathway to recreational trampoline coach training - even for those who do not usually work with people who may have a disability.  Those who complete further add-on training courses may support more able and mainstream participants to learn complex exercises to a high standard.

Rebound Therapy is more than special needs trampolining or disability trampolining.  The programme has evolved over 50+ years and has been shown to provide a huge number of benefits for participants.  It provides logical progressions of movement patterns designed to encourage students to continually develop whilst at the same time experiencing healthy exercise and enjoyment.